Featured Products

  Cell Voyager CV1000 Bench top Live Cell Confocal Imager
  • Confocal Scanner Unit
    Significantly low photo bleaching and photo toxicity exhibited in long-time live cell imaging

  • EMCCD Camera
    Thanks to its ultra-high quantum efficiency, you can capture images at very low laser power and can significantly reduce photo damages.

  • Stage Incubator
    Stable environmental control enables long time live cell imaging while keeping the specimen healthy.

  • High-Precision X-Y stage
    Minimizes pixel shift in the multipoint time-lapse imaging

  BioZip II - Multi-Dimensional Slide/Plate Scanner
  • Multi wavelength fluorescence imaging at very rapid speeds including brightfield and darkfield imaging

  • Rapid scanning of multi-format samples including slides, multi-well plates, chamber slides and Petri dishes

  • Continuous Focus Tracking Using Predictive Focus

  • Configurable with a slide or plate loader and environmental control

  • High performance solid state light engines provide up to seven excitation wave lengths

  • Custom Configurable For High End Research Needs

  Dimscan Table Top - Cytotoxicity Assay System
  • Semi-automated cytotoxicity assay system

  • 96 and 384 well format

  • Quantify total # or viable only cells

  • Provides 4 log dynamic range data

  • High resolution digital CCD camera

  • Integrated statistical analysis

    qNano - nanoparticle analyzer


qNano is a particle analyser that provides detailed measurement of both biological and synthetic particle sample mixtures, tunable from micro to molecular scales.

  • Single particle detection
  • 50nm–10μm+ (diameter)
  • Real-time measurement
  • Robust & portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Particle-by-particle detailed information
  • Examples: Bacteria, Viruses, Microvesicles, Exosomes, Liposomes, Micelles, Silica, Polystyrene, Magnetic, Metallic, Polymers, Titania, etc.

  XLight - "Affordable" Laser Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Base Unit - Less than $30,000

  • Adapts to most major upright and
    inverted fluorescence microscopes

  • Two pinhole sizes (70um and 45um)

  • Multidimensional Imaging of up to five
    or more fluorescent probes

  • Laser or White light. Full Spectrum
    (360-700nm) Confocal Imaging

  CARVII LX - Laser Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Adapts to most major upright and
    inverted fluorescence microscopes

  • Fully automated real-time confocal

  • Multidimensional Imaging of up to five
    or more fluorescent probes

  • Laser and White light. Full Spectrum
    (360-700nm) Confocal Imaging

  Evolve - Scientific EMCCD Camera
  • Smallest, most powerful scientific EMCCD camera on the market
  • Most advanced feature set available for low-light applications
  • Lowest dark current available for an EMCCD camera
  • Lowest read noise available for an EMCCD camera
  • Ideal for sophisticated researcher and multi-user labs
  • Most accurate EM calibration technique in the industry
  • Quant-View
  • Electrons-per-gray-level selector
  • Rapid-Cal™
  • Background Event Reduction Technology™
  • Black-Lock™/Top-Lock™
  • Vari-Bit™ selectable bit depth