Lumencor Light Engines

Feature Benefit
Product is a light engine not a light source
  • Product functions as entire illumination subsystem: sources,
    excitation filters, filter wheel, shutter, controller, field diaphragm
High performance output: UV-Vis-NIR
  • Excitation subsystem to employ for numerous bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopy
Up to seven colors in a fully integrated,
compact box
  • Multicolor analysis with optimal wavelengths to achieve efficient fluorophore excitation; standard and custom wavelengths
Intensity of 1 - 10 W/cm2 per output band
  • High intensity operation, fast time experimental protocols
Output power independently selectable for each band
  • Employ outputs simultaneously or sequentially
Direct couple to major scopes; optional
liquid light guide (3 mm dia, NA 0.3)
  • Easy to implement with any commercial microscope, adaptors
    for many instrument architectures available
Fast switching times (5 - 10 kHz) for each
output, no external shutter required
  • Fast exposure times for photosensitive applications and high
    throughput requirements
Pre-aligned outputs
  • No alignment required, coaxial illumination in all colors
Flat illumination field
  • Superior uniformity across entire sample/s
Computer or manual control
  • Remote/automated control of color, intensities, switching
Safe to operate
  • No training required and easy implementation
Minimal heat output
  • No addition thermal management required
Long lifetime
  • No maintenance cost