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A light engine is the smart illumination choice

Now you can image all the common fluorescent dyes, proteins and conjugates with a lighting subsystem that has been optimized to maximize fluorescent response as well as to offer stable, robust lighting performance. Lumencor light engines embody novel solid state lighting solutions to give you optimal power throughout the visible spectrum and the added performance you need for live cell imaging.

  • Up to SEVEN discrete bands for all the most important fluors:
    DAPI, Hoechst,CFP, GFP, FITC, YFP, TRITC, Cy3, Texas Red, mCherry, Cy5, and others
  • Spectral & power stability
  • Spectral purity, no out of band light
  • Completely flat illumination
  • 100x faster switching than filter wheels- microseconds
  • No external filters, shutters
  • Quiet and no heat generation
  • Ideal for electrophysiology & systems sensitive to electrical noise
  • Controllable by common microscopy automation software
  • Long life > 10,000 hours
  • Easy to use
Spectrally Pure Outputs

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An ensemble of solid state sources in each light engine produce the user defined multicolor output bands.
Light engine power levels in each discrete color band match or beat those of comparable metal halide and xenon lamps.
Light engine outputs require no compromise in power while offering the added benefits of stability, durability and ease of use.
Performance exemplified by the light engine outputs in this spectral plot are constant and stable.
Unlike traditional lamps, they will not decay significantly with time, or during the course of a multi-day experiment.
Researchers and tool designers alike can attain constant, spectrally pure and powerful bands with no need for external filters,
filter wheel, shutters, controllers that other light sources require.

Deiscreet Color Bands

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