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We offer several options for Z movement (focus) on microscopes, including our brand new ES10ZE focus controller, a Z motor, Piezo stage insert and a Laser Autofocus System. Click below to find out more about these products.

Focus Controller
Prior Scientific has introduced a new focus only control system for modern microscopes. Ideally suited to those applications involving extended focus or Z-stacking, the ES10ZE offers a low cost, compact, yet powerful system to automate a microscope focusing focusmotormechanism. The controller provides a clear display showing the current position at all times while separate controls are provided for rapid movement up or down along with the facility to change the speed of the focus movement. A manual focus knob is also provided for manual fine focusing and ease of operation.

Focus Drives
Simple easy and to fit Z solutions for most microscopes. Most microscopes can be retro-fitted with a motorized focus option, the standard motorized focus control from Prior Scientific provides step sizes as small as 0.002µm and provides excellent focusmotorresolution for precise focus and repeatable positioning in the Z-axis. For large movements when high speed is required, the ProScan™ focus motor can be driven at speeds of up to 20 revs/s. The H122 range of focus motors are compatible with both rotary encoders and linear encoder probes.

Focus Blocks
Prior Scientific’s new co-axial coarse and fine focusing block, designed for OEM applications where precise fine focus adjustment is required. Rack and pinion mount allows smooth, focusmotor precise focusing over 29 mm of travel. A large coarse focus mechanism incorporates a slip clutch and tension adjustment. Fine focus adjustment control is graduated in two micron divisions throughout the coarse focus range. Motorized control is also available and is easily interfaced with Prior’s standard line of focus controllers. The focus block can be easily adapted to various mounting configurations.

Specialty Focus Drives
Prior Scientific offers several specialty focus drive options including the H122ROT focusmotor focus drive which is designed with an innovative rotating connector which prevent cable twisting and windup. Prior also offers the H122BFT focus motor which is specifically designed to be bolted to any vibration isolation optical tables, eliminating the need for a specific adapter sleeve.

NanoScanZ Piezo Stage Systems
The NanoScanZ Piezo Stage System is specifically designed for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging, the NanoScanZ offers 100µm, 200µm, 250NanoScanzµm and 500µm travel models, one nanometer repeatability and closed loop control utilizing a sub-angstrom resolution Piezo resistive sensor.

Laser Autofocus System
The LF210 Autofocus System from Prior Scientific combines the latest in intelligent microprocessor control and advanced optics to provide the lf210fastest and most reliable laser autofocus available. Its compact module incorporates precision optics that easily adjust to different microscopes and optical systems. It even contains the microstepping drive for the focus motor. The new optical design eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain, which is done automatically in the processor.


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