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Motorized Stage Systems

Prior Scientific offers three high precision motorized stage product lines - the ProScan™, OptiScan™ and the NanoScanZ Piezo motorized stage systems. ProScan™ systems provide the highest precision in the industry and are designed to provide solutions for the most challenging applications. OptiScan™ provides an economic solutions to microscope automation, while providing high accuracy for many applications. NanoScanZ positions slides and petri dishes with nanometer resolution and is an ideal solution for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging.

ProScan™ Motorized Stage Systems
The ProScan™ series is a highly accurate range of stages for research microscopy and applications where accuracy and repeatability are paramount. The XY ProScanStages have a well deserved reputation for being the best available. A choice of motors, ball screw pitch and encoders combined with a fully configurable controller makes the range highly flexible. A wide range of specimen holders are available. The ProScan™ range can also be adapted to fit other optical inspection systems and for this we can adapt and redesign stages to suit your needs. Several models of the ProScan™ motorized stage line are enabled with the patented Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) which allows each stage to be pre-programmed with a unique set of operating characteristics to that particular stage to ensure optimum performance.

OptiScan™ Motorized Stage Systems
The OptiScan™ series has been designed to be a one stop solution for an economic microscope automation system for both inverted and upright microscopes. Prior offers the ES107 stage for inverted scopes and the ES111 stage for upright microscopes. The OptiScanOptiScan™ controller is supplied with 5 axis control (two filter wheels and focus drive),including the motorized stage. OptiScan™ is an ideal option for use in optical inspection systems where the level of accuracy and repeatability is balanced with cost.

NanoScanZ Piezo Stage Systems
The NanoScanZ Piezo Stage System is specifically designed for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging, the NanoScanZ offers 100µm, 200µm, 250NanoScanzµm and 500µm travel models, one nanometer repeatability and closed loop control utilizing a sub-angstrom resolution Piezo resistive sensor.


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